Saturday, February 6, 2010

Turtle Life and back in Cribs?

I enjoyed the me talk yesterday so much I wanted to write about all that I accomplished today…  But… I got nothing!  Nadda.  I did get my work done but you can’t really tell.  Huh?

Cute things did happen and if I don’t write it down, grandparents will never know and I won’t remember.

Apparently Aubrey is learning a new song at school.  (Sing with me:)  Life is good, but eternal life is better.  Life is good, but eternal life is better.

So Aubrey walked around the house all day:  Life is good but turtle life is better, Life is good but turtle life is better!


Love that girl!

After lunch comes nap. Yep, in some other Mom’s house.  The girls decided they would rather play house.  Annsley was the baby.  When you play a baby, that has to take a nap, during nap time…..Baby and child really falls asleep.  Say with me..AWWWWW!

001 003 004

Sorry about the lack of focus in these pictures.  Well you know; that kinda sums up my day…A huge lack of focus!

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