Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Girls moved out today….

Well, we actually moved them out.  And not our biological girls.  The other girls.  The Cow Girls.  (ha cowgirls!)

They need more room, we need more room, they need more food, we need grass to grow back, we need space, they need more!  I’m sure I will feel all sad and empty nest like after my body quits hurting from all the manual labor I did today.  Can someone pat my back for me?  It hurts to much to move!

Here they are all locked in the pen waiting to be loaded.  I could sense their excitement!


This is the BIGGEST/MESSIEST reason we are moving them.  They all stand together, in one spot, te-teing, pooping, eating, sleeping, playing and weighing 6 thousand pounds (approx, I guessed).  So all their favorite places look like this:

Anyone hungry?


I was in charge of herding the cattle (fancy smancy way of saying walking behind them yelling ‘GO ladies’.)  I think I did a great job.  When I went to push Ms. Paris, she refused!  Mr. Cowboy had to rope her and almost drag (ask nicely with treats in hand) her onto the trailer!  She a tough old bird!  Now; my camera was in the car for the simple reason that I was sinking knee deep in mud.  OVER MY BOOTS! 

I tuck my pants into my boots (gimmy a gimmy a redneck girl) so my jeans don’t get dirty.  It was later I realized after I pulled my jeans out that I had muddy jeans from knees up and clean from knees down. 

But when we got there:  (Imagine bright lights shining down from Heaven and Angels singing AWWWWWWWWWWW)  Here's the new place:

067 068

Well!  Hello Beautiful!  Love the gloves!


Ms. Paris out first:


Taking a test bit first thing:


Big girls:


Some needed coxing:


Little girls:


What?  Where our we?  Where’s Mom?

042 043

There’s our Mom’s.  RUUUNNN!


Got to give credit where credit is due:

Gran and Lar for watching the girls while I herd cattle.

015 016 019 056

Thanks also to my Sis and her Cowboy for letting us use the Ginormus (Gi-norm-us) trailer so we would not have to make two trips!

I think they will love the place:

 046 048054  

Paris was runnen.

 073 075

Meeting the neighbors:

060 061062

After that I went to go be with my sickly little niece and nephew.  They are sick tonight as is their tiny new brother. Noah is in the hospital with RSV. 

copyrighted pic

Tonight will make his second night there and he still has not improved enough to get off oxygen.  Please pray for the entire family.  They have it pretty hard this weekend….  I took my camera to get a picture of Aiden and Isabelle but they just did not feel good enough so I did not even try!  Aiden possibly got me on the video camera that he found somewhere.  Sorry about that Em if you have some wasted tape….


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  1. Welcome to the joys of my world. Situations like this are regular around our place. Note: Wear your good shoes and you won't have to help! Glad ya'll had fun!


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