Monday, March 29, 2010


Emily, Aidan, Isabelle and Noah came by the house today.  The kids love each other!

 316 318 319 325

Aidan and Aubrey play, Annsley and Isabelle play and Autumn holds Noah.  Everyone is happy!!!

Once Joshua got home he got Autumn going on the lawn mower!  She loves pulling the girls around…

369 326 330 331 366

Then onto halter breaking the cows.  Actually they are calf's and (From what I’m told) are doing really well already. I just pet and brush them.

358 337 347 349 351 356

While I was helping the girls clean up their toys outside, Joshua started dinner.  (From what I’m told) there was something in the bottom of the oven.  It was a bit smoky.  Actually we had to put the girls and myself outside to breath.  I have never seen so much smoke in a house before. 

372 370 371

Can you see the smoke in the sunlight?  In Joshua defense, he was just toasting toast and none of the toast ended up burnt.  Something must have gotten on the bottom of the oven.  I’ll have more time to check it out tomorrow.  Hopefully!

After dinner was just enough time to make our Easter eggs for the girls school.  Autumn’s school requires plain taped eggs so we just did these for the little girls.  I think they turned out so cute!

 374 375  378 381  383 384

That’s all folks! I’m tired!


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