Sunday, March 28, 2010

On and On and On and ON

Get Ready…  This ones a dozy.

Saturday Morning 7:00 a.m:  Get up despite the fact Saturday mornings should be spent asleep.

7:20  Talk to my husband…  Have not done that in a while.

7:30  Get myself and Aubrey ready for an awesome day of shopping and birthday parting.

8:00  My Sister’s running late. Start a load of laundry, fold a load of laundry.

8:20  Fix Aubrey’s hair like Taylor Swifts was at the concert.

010 002 005 006 008

8:30 Get a call.  Joshua: “Where is my wallet?”  Me: “OH CRAP!”

8:35  Get Joshua’s wallet out of the washer and lay all it’s content on counter to dry.

8:45  Notice Aubrey is wearing a hand~me~down jacket that used to be Autumn’s.  Remember my most favorite picture of Autumn was taken in this Jacket.

8:50  Get Aubrey outside for some glamour shots.  I did not get a picture exactly like Autumn’s but I got close!

 014022 019 020 021

9:00 Now I’m running a bit late.

9:05  Stop by Garage Sale and buy some old Jars

9:15  Now I’m running real late

9:20 Head out of town

10:15  Get to Miranda

11:00  Found some great clothes for the girls at a consignment sale!  Got lots of summer dresses.

12:00  Eat Lunch in the car with Miranda Rhett and Aubrey.

12:30  Go to the hair store to buy some silk therapy and more shampoo and conditioner.  (Goodness this was way past due.  I have not had silk therapy in a few weeks but Annsley’s dolls hair in shiny and soft.)

1:00  Head to Granny’s to get the other girls.  (They had their turn over at Granny's for the morning)

1:35  Stop at the dollar store to get wrapping paper for the birthday party gift.  Get inside to realize I forgot the gift.  It’s sitting on the porch.

1:45  Get the girls from Mom.

1:55  Stop at another Dollar store to get Lemonade for the birthday party.

2:05  Arrive 5 minutes late to the party.

2:20 Watch a fireman dress up….

041 028 031 034

2:45  Cake

 047 050 066 087085

3:00  Fire station Tour


3:05  Use a Cannon for the first time…  Still a Nikon Girl at heart!  Love you despite your camera Em!


3:15  Fire Trucks and outside time.  Loven the clouds and bright blue skies today!


3:20  Take pictures of cute girls

122 110115


142  148 147 151 149

3:45 Picture time

  160 Copyright DCampbellPhotography

4:00  Head Home with an extra girl in tow.  Maddie came home with us for a sleepover.

4:45  Help Joshua hook up tailer, get barn ready for cows, get all 4 girls loaded in truck.

5:15  Joshua gets gas in the truck while I run in and grab the girls snacks and water.

5:30  Heading out to cows

6:00  Arrive at the cow pasture.  Granny and Larry also there to help.  (To see those amazing clouds on top of a huge hill full of nothing but grass, trees, cows and a horse is fabulous!)

211190 189 

6:20 Get girls situated and sitting on the side of the trailer.  OH idea, great photo opp.  Help Josh, come back later to get that picture

6:30 Help Josh load


6:45 done loading but no photo.  Aubrey fell off trailer.  OH bleeding pretty badly..

212 203 205 208 

6:55  Should we get her eye stitched up or should we avoid the trauma of taking her to the ER.

7:00  Avoid ER stop at Dollar store again this time for band aids and the neosporin with pain relief!

7:20 unload cows into new stalls.  Barns not quite finished but almost!  The cow side is done!

229 213 217 219

7:45  Let the girls run and play


7:50  Traveler see’s us and comes running.


 236 235

8:00  Realize I can’t pull of dinner so call a to-go order in.

8:10  Back into the car

8:20  Get to restaurant and realize my wallet got left in Joshua’s truck.  Call him.  Get the CC#.  Get dinner

8:45  Back home.  Eat.

9:00  Autumn wanted to do something special for Aubrey so she got her a card (and put her allowance in it) got her purse and loaded it with some of Aubrey’s favorite things and gave it all to her so Aubrey would feel better. How sweet!  Autumn cried harder than Aubrey did when she fell.  Poor Autumn!

 244 245 247 249 254 255

9:30  Let the girls finally have some time to play.  It’s late but they are wound up! 

9:45  They Play Play Play while I Sit Sit Sit on my Can Can Can.

11:00  Everyone in Bed and Sleeping comfortably.

11:30  I’m blogging instead of sleeping.  I’m irritated because I still have my old couches in my living room.  (by mistake) and I’m frustrated because I don’t feel organized at the moment.  Tomorrow IS GOING to be great.  Not sure how yet, but I’m going to make it that way. 



  1. NOT FROM EXPERIENCE OF COURSE....I REPEAT, NOT FROM EXPERIENCE... but this is the first time I've heard of a fireman putting clothes ON at a party! Ha!!

    I had fun with you this morning! Thanks for bargain shopping with me!

    I HATE hearing about poor little Aubrey's eye. I'm getting her a helmet and some bubble wrap for her birthday! Poor Baby!

    Autumn is so dang sweet. I love her : )

  2. Ok, this was just EXHAUSTING to ready lady! OMGoodness, I wonder how many calories you burned!?hehe Poor Aubrey falling off the trailer. Girl you know me, I would've been like "O Father":)haha Bless her heart and I pray she heals quickly and without scar! Please give her a big hug and kiss for me! Her hair looked absolutely gorgeous too. Just precious! And tell Autumn she is such a sweet girl to do something special for her sister to make her feel better! What a blessed family you are!

  3. I meant to say "This was EXHAUSTING to read!" not "ready"....can you tell I'm tired:)

  4. I'm cracking up, Miranda! Not from experience, huh? I'm going to whatever party you're *not* going to next time!

    Poor Mater! Love that kid in her tiara and massive head wound! Only a woman can muscle through that pain and be glamorous while doing so:))


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