Friday, March 26, 2010


Autumn went to school.  Aubrey went to spend the day with Granny.  Annsley and I went to a yard sale and hit the JACKPOT! 

I have had a list in my head for sometime of a few things I would like to get at a yard sale. I found most today in one sale!  I only spent $14.00!  I was so excited and found out that Annsley is an excellent yard sale shopper.  I had so so so so much fun with just her… 

Here is our loot:


Fabulous books for my TV cabinet.  I only buy books that have great or interesting titles for some reason!  Annsley asked why this book was so small.  I explained that it was a bible and maybe it was so small so you can carry it with you when you go places.  She had to have it. It was so so so sweet how she asked.  She could have a Porsche if she would ask for it like that.

 069 071

M&M keepers.  I bought 2 because I could not figure out which one I liked the best.  Maybe some colored sand in the other?

086 Old Baseballs.  I know the chances of me having a boy are slim to none and if I do have a boy the likelihood of him having a room of his very own to decorate is even more slim.  And the idea of me having another one is gar-gan-chew-en-ly more slim that having his own room, but if I do, I would decorate his room in vintage baseball gear.


Candle holder for the TV cabinet before:


and the candle for the TV cabinet after:



NOW, on to the BIG stuff.  The main reason I have been dying to g-sale lately are for 4 reasons.  A wooden chair, picture frames, shelf for porch and a guitar.


for plants, tools and boots:


My diamond in the rough…  Sturdy as an old cow!

043 046 050 054

My new calk board to be:

055 059

My lovely:


I also got some bowls like my grandma used to have.  I’m a sucker for pink dishes. There are also 8 tiny little white bowls. Annsley lined them up for me when she carried them into the house:


So after hitting the jackpot and getting decor for my home the only way I can afford, it was time for Autumn’s carnival at school.  Her and Aubrey both knew one of the options for an animal was a panda.  Aubrey really wanted the panda.  Autumn walked right up when it was her turn and without looking at anything else she picked up the panda.  I asked her to choose something for her because Aubrey has so many pandas already but no doing.  She was set.  She picked out an outfit and got it stuffed.  She immediately gave it to Aubrey and has not said another word about it.  I love Autumn so much I could squeeze her and I often do.  (Until she tells me it’s not cool and hurts)  She has a heart the size of the world!  With that heart, she will change this world!

Forgive the shoty pictures.  It was really dark and I did not want to have my flash on and be any more obvious than I already was.

 004 016 028 032 038

What a fabulous day!



  1. Lady, you did hit the jackpot!!! I LOVE that little candle holder!! I can't wait to see what you do with that chair!!!! You're good mama, you're good! I love the little pink bowls girly! I can see the girls eating ice cream in them:) Have a good day lady, ITS BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE TODAY!!!

  2. OMGoodness D, you really did great! I love finding diamonds in the rough, and recreating them to something so beautiful...can't wait to see that chair! And that candle holder is beautiful, I love it! So glad you finally executed your list, I can't wait til my Sister and I start "Saturday Morning Garage Saling" since it's getting warmer now...I've missed that! Anywho, great job, and I'm so happy for you!

    P.S. Could Autumn be any sweeter??!!!


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