Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New

Today is the day I have been waiting on since Valentines day.  Our date that day consisted of quick dinner and then 3 or so hours of ‘this fabric or this, this style or this, this one or that one?’  Also known as furniture shopping.  My husband and I have purchased a TV cabinet (7 1/2 years ago) a full size mattress ( 2 years ago) and one TV for space saving reasons (1/2 year ago.)  So to buy something like this is a big deal!  HUGE!  We were finally ready!

I was a bit nervous because I paid for something I had never seen.  I picked out the fabric so I was praying it matched.  (I could never make it as a decorator)  So when my couch arrived in my living room and was unwrapped from the blankets and plastic wrap, I was very nervous!  I praised God and gave my self a little pat on the back when I realized it DID! 

One minor problem though. ……. …. …. ..


The delivery truck fell off the driveway into the culvert.  Then sunk about 2 feet.  (You cannot tell from this picture but that is quite a drop off)   This was about 11:30.  I called Joshua to come get them out with the tractor to no avail.  They were stuck with a chance of flipping over!

We had to call a tow truck.  Not just any tow truck, but the Mac Daddy of tow trucks.  The little girls were SO excited to see this.  I wished Autumn could have seen this, but she was still in school.


It took almost an hour and even the tow truck guy was worried it was going to flip over.  OH my could you image?  Not only were they stuck for over 3 hours, I had to leave twice which meant I had to walk across the pasture and drive the feed truck because I could not get out of my driveway.  Right in the middle of this, Joshua got a call one of the baby cows got out!

Can you say fiasco?

He did make it back in time to see all this:

 039 041 037 049 057 060 067 070

It was pretty cool to see the tow truck guy winch this truck into the air and move it out of the culvert!  He was so nice and really helped us save the driveway.  It was 3:00 before they finally got free and could leave.  OH my how this hindered my enjoyment of the arrival of my very first furniture purchase.  For a minute.

Wanna see?


I cannot decide how it should go..  Joshua tried to talk me into two chairs but I think that would have been too much.  I’ve got a few ideas in my tiny little brain though….


MY CHAIR.  This was probably the reason it took so long.  I wanted a petite chair with a small/tiny ottoman.  They don’t make such things!!!  I feel in love with this chair when I realized it actually a recliner.   I got it in butter yellow!  As farmhouse as I could get Joshua to tolerate.  Do you love the legs?  I think they make it look so cute.

 004 033

This is got to be the worlds longest couch and it’s super high too.  It’s red and butter yellow checked.  I love paisley but really don’t like these pillows.  When I have $$ I plan on changing these out.  (One of those little ideas I have.)



And the girls being cute:

029 023

Autumn was still at school and missed all this excitement. Lucky girl.

So out with the old, and in with the new.  I know this couch and chair are not the farmhouse look were going for with this house but it is what Joshua and I both agreed on that also would withstand our kids, dogs, cats and what ever else I bring home.  A coffee table is next because we did not like any of the 4000 they had in the store.  After I save my $$ back up, I’m going to find me a round dinner table too!  I would prefer a used one though…

I’m going to force Joshua to put up my curtains I have had for a 2 weeks now and maybe I can get some other stuff on these walls!  I’m going to finish this house if it kills me.  (if the cows don’t get to me first) 


Slowly but surely.  (right?)



  1. Hey, what do you mean you don't like those pillows? I have two just like them at my house and think they are so pretty. I'll buy 'em when you find new ones! OK?

    I love the couch and recliner! Red and Yellow...two of my favorite colors!! I hope today is better and you get some time to enjoy sitting on your new furniture.

    P.S. I have a round table you can have

  2. LOVE the new couch and chairs! Very pretty DeAnna! You have good taste..even without seeing it first:)hehe I can't wait to come over soon and sit on your NEW furniture! I hope I can fit in that petite chair! The girls look so cute and I am so glad that truck was able to get out!

  3. Oh my, I bet that was exciting!!! SO SO glad the delivery truck got out without flipping over! And the girls standing by watching, buttoned up in the coat together was hilarious!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new furniture! Your house is coming together so well...I love it!


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