Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is there Life after near Death?

To say I’m glad the day is over is like saying I kinda like to eat!  Thank the Lord I’m done with this one and that I have a few pictures to prove I lived through it. 

The day started out really good.  Larry's Mom came to stay with us today.  A sweet lady that wanted to help around the house, read to my girls and arrange the flowers I had on my table.  I welcome her and anyone else like that into my home anytime!  I have a weakness for animals, kids, and old people!

Then vet time.  Joshua loaded the goats no problem and then I had to help with the cows.  While trying to gather and load I was almost trampled to death 4 different times.  (Only once was not was intentional.) 

The first 3 times was the only cow we did not raise from a baby.  Can you say burgers?  I have never had a bad or harmful thought against any animal but I did beat as severely as I could this particular cow.  I think poor Aubrey will now always have a not so healthy fear of cows.

The 4th time was our sweet Jackie that was scared and trying to get out of the shoot I had her in.  She ran me smooth over but never hurt me or was trying to hurt me.  I even managed to stay standing somehow.  She’s a sweetie and I will not hold it against her.

(This is Jackie's baby and it was a little muddy.  Look at those feet.)

 007 004

After about what seamed like forever of cow wranglen, we headed to the vet.  Mud head to toe. (I hope it was mud)  We got to the vet and learned that Jackie was not pregnant (so sad) and one of the goats has lost her baby (sadder).  We have the sweetest vet.  I have no idea what his last name is, we just call him Jeff. While he was doing a sonogram on the one goat, Autumn expressed interest in having her goat sonogramed also.  So he did.  She found out it was having twins!!!  Autumn is so so proud! (yes, it was done in the trailer so the goats do not have to get out)

 013 014 015 016   019 021 023

We also have some other bad news… The little bunny we got last weekend has already been replaced.  He did not even last a week!  We got a new, much more happy and playful one that looks exactly same. Convenient!

Because I was a little shok after my near fatal encounters I was not in the mood to cook anything but beef and since we don’t have beef in this house, we went out.  I still ordered chicken but o well at least I did not have to cook!

Came home to play ball with my Calamity Jane and my stray dog Traveler has still not left the house.  He barks when anyone gets close and runs off any squirrels!  He was acting like one of his back legs may be hurt so I think I will take him in to see Jeff next week!  A rabies shot wont hurt him anyway!  I’m thinking he has officially adopted us!  Yeah!

My last 2 posts have been boring and uneventful and after this one, I’m hoping boring will happen again for tomorrows post!


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  1. Girl, it just never stops, does it? I definitely know the feeling! Well, sorry about the cows, but tell Autumn CONGRATULATIONS on her soon to be "goatbabies"!!!


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