Monday, March 22, 2010

An Everyday Day

More of the same ol same ol day to day!  Back to school, back to pictures, back to early to bed, early to rise….Although the early to rise did not change all that much over spring break.

I’m not sure what if anything my husband has done wrong but he showed up with flowers today.  He said he’d been thinking about it all day!  I love him!  There are just not too many people out there that can put up with me and my many quirks.  He did not even think it was odd yesterday when I pulled a (somewhat unwilling) dog into the house that was not ours and he no longer questions me wanting to bring home any thing homeless.  He’s so good to me most of the time.  Although lets look at this from another perspective.  I know for a fact that there are few if any ladies that would put up with his major quirks.  My flowers are beautiful and I’m a little thankful to know he thinks about me during the day!  Hopefully all good!

I worked on pictures most of the day and was thankful Joshua took the girls with him to do ‘goat work’ tonight.  Gave me a chance to catch up.  They are most all sleeping like babies now.

Now, it’s just me and Aubrey.  She had a not so little nap this afternoon so she’s good to go for a while.  I’m slowly loosing consciousness so hopefully she will crash soon….


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  1. How sweet of Josh, you have a good husband.....and not just because he got you flowers either, but because he does put up with your "quirks" (bless your heart)! LOL!


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