Friday, March 5, 2010

I can see clearly now the Germs are gone

Good News:  Autumn is still not sick and doing fine.  She went to school and had absolutely no trouble today. 

The house is bleached and as sanitized as I can get it!  I have washed anything that has been touched the last week and it was good to see the bottom of the sink after loading a dishwasher full of cups.  Seems as though when I get sick my family gets very thirsty.  A few things I notice after I have been sick….  Remotes get lost, clothes leap off bodies and right onto floors, and crumbs appear everywhere!  When I’m not sick I don’t see these things happen and I’m not preventing them from happening so not sure what goes wrong when I’m in bed!

A lot to get done today so I bribed, begged and pleated with the little girls to fold their own laundry.  I turned on a cartoon and they folded while they watched.  It was like watching magic preformed my angels! 


Aubrey was too into her movie to look at me.  Check out Annsley outfit choice….

003 002006

We got out for Mexican food (great after being deathly ill) and some much needed staples from the $store.  Annsley needed pull-ups so I had to share what she does.  She is so quirky!  Every time she gets a new package she immediately takes them to her room and sorts them by the picture on the front.  She then very methodically puts them into her drawer.  She’s going to live with padded walls one day if I don’t get her help.  She does this with EVERYTHING.  In fact, we always know who makes the mess  in their room because Aubrey’s stuff is everywhere, and Annsley’s toys are always lined up!

 010 011 012 013

A note to the Grandparents.  I know I am about to start receiving hate mail if I don’t post some decent pictures of the girls.  I am fully aware that this weeks posts does not contain a significant enough amount of pictures of the girls but don’t worry, we have lots of good stuff this weekend.  I plan on taking a lot of pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. What are you talking about....those are good pictures. Just as they are is perfect! I'm beginning to think Annsley got some of my good genes too...Sweet little organizing angel. I love her.

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  3. Uummmmm, excuse me missy.....we.....I mean people that like EVERYTHING organized do not end up in a room with padded walls, thank you very much! I'm gonna have to start calling Annsley "mini me", hahaha!!! Trust me you should totally appreciate that about her! Anywho, so glad you were feeling well enough to bleach everything down (wish I could have been there to help), and that Aubrey fought it off! Hope everyone is safely back into the swing of things! TTYS!


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