Thursday, March 4, 2010


Me yesterday:


What I actually looked like:


What I felt like acting like:


So therefore I have no idea what happened in my girls life yesterday.  I know they played some in their room and fixed their own lunch.  Now I have no idea where the lid to the peanut butter is.  But they did check on me.  I had so many sweet things on my night stand like Dr. Pepper cans, candy, princess’, and many many drawings, colorings and get well notes.  Once Autumn was home from school, she cleaned up a bit and fixed me some water.  She was like a personal nurse. She also played with the girls.  She AMAZING like that.  Then Joshua got home and took the girls outside to play and then out to dinner. I was in bed almost all day and slept more than most newborns do.  It was great.  Although today running low on energy and will to survive.  I have plans tomorrow to catch up on 2 days worth of house work that will feel more like 4 days of house work.  (Why is it always double?) I feel a full recovery coming on especially because of the girl scout cookies sitting on my table.  Thank the lord I have friends that put their kids in girl scouts!  Thanks Leslee!

Being as though I was in bed trying not to move or open my eye’s yesterday, I did not look at the calendar…..  So much to my surprise and Joshua’s dismay, we missed donuts with dad this morning.  So my sweet husband picked the girls up from school and took them to get ice-cream and see the baby chicks at the feed store.  He lives to do things with those girls! 

Tonight Autumn is sleeping in our room.  She is the only one that has not been sick.  She really has no chance…  Everyone she has been around has had it.  Her teacher, fellow students, almost everyone in her school, church, her friends outside of school, her immediate family, her extended family (all sides) and just about everyone in the stores, our town and path that she has crossed!  It’s everywhere.  I feel bad for her knowing it’s coming.  As of right now, she’s okay.  She came home from school to just lay on the couch and has not had any energy since.  She’s pale and quiet so I intend on keeping her home from school unless there is some miraculous recover during the night.

(Sorry for the corny googled pictures.  I hate posts without pictures!)



  1. BLESS YOUR HEART!!! I am praying you get some MAJOR energy back! Those bugs just DRAIN you of your energy and its crazy how that happens! I am praying Autumn does NOT get it and its possible for her not too!!!! I pray you get done what you can get done for today, don't worry about trying to do it all! I wish I could come out and help you today because we have a full schedule today and you know I love to clean:)hehe Please let me know if you need anything lady and have a blessed day!!!

  2. Hey D, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! I hope you are back on your feet and at "it" SUPER SOON!!! Poor Autumn, if it hits her I hope it goes away quick! She is such a sweety, and I'm glad you had your girls to help you out a bit! Anywho, miss ya, and hope to talk to you soon!


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