Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have had some revelations today if that is the right word.  Tonight while sitting at Sonic waiting for that perfect nutritious dinner to serve my family, I got to notice how fast those girls are on their skates.  Then thinking how great that must be for their thighs and buttocks.  Revelation:  That would be great for my thighs and buttocks.  Can I wear those in my house?  I go up and down the stairs 4230 times a day.  Can I do that with skates?  How much faster could I get things done with those on?  Would they work on my brand new carpet?  Anybody got some I can try?


Next revelation:  I love my carpet so much I’m not sure I would want to skate on it.  Know what I don’t like about my carpet?  It’s not everywhere!  Love Love Lurve that carpet.  I would rather have stains on carpet than perfect hardwood floors.  Did I say I loved it?


Next please:  I wish my husband worked from home all the time.  He was home this weekend working:  Love seeing his big ol self outside my windows….

004 005

Next…….  I wished my husband worked from home but NOT I repeat NOT in the house.  He was home sick today and I cannot handle him in the house.  Love the 6’2, 275 pound side of man meat that he is but need him outside of my working walls!  Don’t like the shows he watches, music he listens to or the naps he takes!  Love him though.  Surprisingly.

 060 058

Next up…………. What I thought was a tiny and mild case of food poising is actually a tummy bug.  3 of my 4 people have it.  Had to break in the new carpet.

 061 063

Next……………………….  I may be next on the sick list so keep your fingers crossed so I can get a day or 2 off.



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  1. My mom said that two people at her work were home with stomach bug. I think I will stay out of Texas for the time being. I always knew Texas was bad for people's health. =)
    P.S. I read your blog every day. I love seeing what's going with you and I love, love that you write every single day. I aspire to be as avid a blogger as you.


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