Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sister….


‘To Have a Sister is to have a best friend for life’

Today, My Sister and I went to a parenting seminar.  It was so great and I love the logical ways they teach.  Here are the highlights really so I can let them sink in further and so I can look back to remember.  I’m going to have to remind myself a lot of these things……

I learned how to stay calm so I don’t send my child messages that they are uncontrollable. 

I learned how to get my child to want to behave and want to do chores and how important those things are to my kids as they grow up. 

The most important thing I learned was that you have to raise your child with a limits, chores and love so they will never go anywhere else to feel needed or loved and they will learn limits so they will only have a small price to pay for the consequences instead of a larger price when they are older.  And, if our children are raised wrapped in bubble wrap they will one day not be able to defend or run our country.  Other countries are not raising bubble wrapped children!

It was so much fun and during our lunch break we even did a little thrift store shopping.  I got the cutest ‘Baby Nay’ outfit for Annsley.  I’m so excited.  It’s probably a $100.00 outfit I got for $3.00!

It was such a fun day.  I love days I spend with my Sister!  Thanks to the many babysitters that made this day possible!  Love Y’all!


My Sister also has a new store for her ‘Wire Names’.  It’s online and called


Here are a few examples although what you order is completely custom to you!  Mention you saw her store on my blog to get an added bonus from me!

  011 004012 015021  031 049 053 084 086 097095 



  1. I am so glad you got to spend some awesome alone time with your sister! I bet you two had a blast together and got some great info from the convention. Please pass along what you have learned, we(mothers) can all use a few tips on being more patient and things that are going to help us raise our beautiful children into strong independent young women!!! YAY for sister time:)

  2. Oh, how could I forget to mention your sister's BEAUTIFUL work! I will have to check out her store! You both are very talented yound ladies with amazing craft skills!! Work it, work it:)

  3. Sister, Saturday was so much fun! My new hobby...THRIFT STORE SHOPPING!!!! Yeah for rich people who can afford all that good stuff and then throw it away for us to find!

    I'm so happy for all the good ideas we got at the seminar. I'm going to try to make sense of my notes and post some of my favorites too.

    Thanks for going with me! I love you!


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