Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watch Out, These flowers Bite



This blog is about 3 amazing girls that I could squeeze they are so sweet or eat for breakfast with a bit of milk.

But I write this blog

I’m the only one in the world that knows the password

and nobody is awake here to stop me

so I will write a few things that I would prefer to get out!

Hold on to something.  Okay?


I’m tired of a few things and I need all 11-12 of you to know.  (Yes, my readership is going up)  Let the typos and misspellings begin:


I’m tired of the fact that I’m poor nope living on a budget  nope saving for my kids future education.  (Yes, that's it.)  I shopped today and have you been to old navy lately? 

My Mom and husband are going to call that intervention show if I buy any more clothes for my kids.  I looked for me but refuse to pay more than a clearance price for anything.  You know because I’m saving for my kids future education and all.


I’m tired of the fact that I don’t follow my own rules.  I have said YES way too many times and feel I have let my most important job of being a MOM come in second this past few weeks.  I have done 4 sessions in the past 10 days.  I need to learn to say NO wait your turn.


I’m tired.


Just tired.


I dislike the fact that I talked so sweet about Joshua last night and all day today he spent getting under my skin and made me want to do violent things to him.  I doomed myself.   I guess I deserve that after talking about him like that.


I dislike severely the fact that my house is paying for this lack of homemaking this week.  I have not done laundry like I should and now have waiting piles.  I dislike the fact that I don’t know if I can wash my down comforter and it smells like Calamity and Josh.  Joshua good, Dog bad!  Joshua good, most of the time.  I hate that I’m getting behind on all my work but fortunate that my Mommy will help me fold if I need her to.  Although she has a job and a life and about to be a parent again.




Her dog Bella due any day with some whopping sized puppies that will more than likely come out looking like full grown Chihuahuas.

Oh yeah that will make for a more cute and cuddly post.


Back to me people.  Stay focused,

I dislike the fact that I ordered Easter shoes online and Annsleys are too big.  She insists she can still wear them.

I dislike the fact that as I am purging and culling things I no longer need in this house and my laundry room is getting fuller and fuller of the things that I no longer need in this house!  I also now have a porch full of stuff that I DO need in this house and no time or energy to bring it in.


I dislike the fact that I HATE the fact that when I opened my cabinet under the kitchen sink I notice several not so small black furry spiders.  I found one crawling onto the breakfast dishes I so carefree left in the sink for me to do tonight.  I DID NOT do dishes tonight.

I hate the fact that I found some harmful, chemical filled bug spray and sprayed it all under my sink all over and onto my asthma-easy cleaners.  I hate the fact that I don’t have Joshua here enough and hate the fact that I did not even get a chance to mention the spiders to him tonight.124

I felt unorganized this week and I have a harder time thinking in these conditions.

Know what I want?

A spa day where they rub my feet and polish my ugly hibernated toes while I’m laying in one of those huge, soft, velvety, overstuffed and over cushy chairs while country music is being sang to me by Keith Urban.



OH.  Sorry

What I really want is more hours in the day to get more done and more hours in the night to get more sleep.  More time to send emails to my homegirls and more phone reception.  More room in this bed for more dogs and more of those pesky kids.  (Just not today)  More of the boring and more of the carefree clean house, doing laundry days.  I want to take pics too but want to say NO! wait!  While I’m wanting I might as well wish like hell Joshua’s mood improves tomorrow.

Come to think of it…

Could it be?


Could it?



NOPE couldn’t be me!  I’m just fine. 


Enjoy the Darn Pics I took today at the arboretum.



  1. I'm having Margararita's Friday night. Care to join me?

  2. I definitely think she should join you, or maybe you need to push margarita night up to tonight...NO NO, she could use a few midday Margarita's!

  3. Glad to hear it. I was starting to think you weren't human. I am needing a meltdown from Miranda soon so that myth can be cleared up too. Love you!!! Hope your life gets a little more dull soon.

  4. no worries if the laundry is not done!!! who says to you that you needa do it like in 3 days and not later !!! enjoy the fact that ur a mum with 3 cute girls! that u are heakthy, having food and a roof :) i think we don't even imagine the chance that we have to live in democratical countries (ok sorry tha was my class from this morning!!!p)

    take it easy!!
    love ya!!


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