Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eggs in Mass

Between my housecleaning, photo editing, orders and sessions, between laundry and my meltdowns, there was an egg hunt.  An egg hunt like no other.  I was asked to come early to help hide eggs but unfortunately not used.  Apparently it does not take many volunteers so stand in a field and throw eggs.  Too bad I missed out.  Sounded fun!

Then Autumn school arrives.  I’m not sure what I was thinking but whoa there was a lot of kids.


They lined them all up and like greyhounds in a race, when the whistle was blown the kids ran like dogs to get all their eggs.  I saw kids getting pushed down, I saw kids getting trampled, and I saw limbs flailing about trying to get these baskets filled.  It wasn’t pretty.  Actually it was down right dirty.

 187 192 193

And right next door to a cemetery… Who’s idea what THAT?


And then.



Amongst the pushing, flailing, trampling and un-Easter like behavior I saw this beauty!205

Picking out so carefully her 10 eggs. 

229  195

After the hunting war was won it was onto juice and taking pictures of the proud little sisters.

 219 223 231 233 234

Aubrey was so sweet to run over and give Autumn a hug.


And then me.  Awwe Looove her!

252  253

Then it was time to say goodbye!


237245 259
And then drive to her school, wait in a long line, sign her out, go find her, go back to the car, go to sonic, go home!

Tonight I watched goats have contractions.  Enthralling.

I love a glamorous life.

Now, another day under my belt.  Another load of laundry done and another sitting waiting in it’s place.

I guess I will be attending a margarita party tomorrow and apparently I NEED it! 

Hummm.  Maybe I should just get new friends!

Just kidden!

Love you ladies!


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  1. What a nasty way to hunt eggs....We always let one class go at a time. We used to number the eggs and give each kid a matching number. They had to hunt for just those particular 10 eggs with their number on it. IT was much more fun than just picking up random eggs that had been launched into a pasture. When you become PTA president, you should suggest that.

    You really joinin' me tonight? Yay!


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