Friday, April 2, 2010

Pancakes, Puppies and Eggs

With it being Good Friday and all, I felt it was my job to actually make it a good Friday.  Ya know, cause I’m a great Mom like that at all……

I had planned a day of egg dyeing and well, grocery shopping.  At least I thought ahead and cooked my girls their favorite breakfast of pancakes.


That’s my favorite?

Well, I was the one doing the cooking…

And I heard no complaints from the crowd!

246 245

Look at that golden brown perfection.  Oh dear griddle how I love you.

 248 251

And if butter soaked pancakes were not enough.  I cooked an entire package of turkey bacon.  Yes, it’s important that I say it’s turkey!


(Extra for tomorrow morning.)

Because mom Mom’s dog had puppies yesterday, I packed up all our egg dying kits and headed out.  We HAD to see!  Annsley was a bit over zealous and was waiting outside.  I thought she looked picture worthy outside my window with her rain boots on.  (Someone told my girls it was going to rain today so they chose to be prepared!)


Got to Granny’s and HAD to see the puppies first

 262 308 316 317

Look at the puppy eating on his back.  I tried flipping it over but he’d go right back!!

319 321    

Poor Bella was so tired.  She slept with her head on her puppies!  She’s going to be a sweet Mommy!  Officially can’t wait to bring a couple home!

365 367


Now for the EGGGGGs!

  271 266  280291284 285 293289 373374   303 305  298

Apparently egg dying can really tier some girls out.  Home for naps and the rest of our day. 


We never did get to the store though. 

Oh how doing nothing is so time consuming!


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  1. Hahaha, so funny! How cute the girls look on the couch sleeping! They look like they had bunches of fun with the are a good Mommy!


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