Sunday, March 7, 2010

Your Advice is Needed:

I’m needing help.  I don’t care who you are or your experience level in the field of decorating…Your advice is needed. 

I’m not happy with the girls room.   The decorations were purchased for our last house and they worked so well in that room.  There not looking so hot in this room for some reason.  I was going for a soft, pale, pretty, girly, romantic/shabby chic style.   This is the girls room now:


Unhappy, Blahhhh, lacking, boring, mis-decorated ect.

What it is what it has: Chocolate brown walls and antique white ceilings.  (The brown is a little darker and richer in person.)  The one wall (behind the rocking horse) is wall to wall built-ins.   The white dresser was an old armoire that I took the top off of so it would fit under the low part of the ceiling.  (it needs to go)  The bed belonged to my Mom when she was a child.  I have the foot board too.  It’s under the bed.   We also have Annsley’s train table and a doll house.  Those HAVE to stay.

It also has this that I love.

109 110

These girls would be happy in any room but I just want it to great!

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I don’t have any ideas at all and will take all the

advice/opinions I can get! 

Thank You!



  1. I'd put the footboard on the bed! I love beds that have headboards and footboards!

  2. I love the colors. I think it would add a tremendous amount to the room if you would do a mural or some kind of something on the pink wall that comes down from the ceiling. Like those stick on trees, with birds and butterflies or something. Not the cheezy stuff, but the big stuff. That wall is automatically the focal point because it is lighter than and other walls and because it is a different shape. So, adding something might help. I don't know if you would like it or not, but a tree coming from the floor and then all the limbs and leaves starting from where the ceiling meets the wall would make it look 3D. I can't wait to see what you do. Whatever it is will be great. You are very creative.

  3. Heidi told me that she used a Ralph Lauren "Candlelight" top coat on her daughters bedroom walls. It is a sheer clear coat that softens the color with a little bit of shimmer in it. I think it sounds like a fun idea to try and would look so pretty over the brown.

  4. Girl, I SO need to call you so we can run through some know this is SO my thing!!! I got plenty of ideas, I'm so excited you get to do this!


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