Monday, March 8, 2010

Today and a year ago!

I spent the day rearranging.  I love rearranging!  90% of my decorations are in storage so I’m working with a few old things and a few garage sale purchases.   I spent the morning spray painting the ugly and the afternoon finding a new homes for everything.  I down to the furniture and curtains.  Curtains have always been my kryptonite!  I love curtains, but never liked the ones I picked.  This time I think I may have chosen something I will love!

The girls helped a little and then destructed a little.  Goodness they can make a mess!  It turned out to be a busy day and I never once picked up the camera.  I hate posts without pictures and so I didn’t have to google some kids, I went back to my old blog to see what we were up to a year ago this month….

I have never been one to tell the girls “NO”

February 2009 087 February 2009 073

I let the girls get bunnies.

February 2009 076  February 2009 055

Brownie is the brown one.  (Really)  and the white one is Abigail Rylie, Leslie.  That one was so tiny.  Smaller than my palm.  Honestly.. I cannot believe it lived this long!

February 2009 070

Our first baby was born on our place.  Joshua makes a great labor couch!  Happy First Birthday Norman!

February 2009 222 February 2009 226 February 2009 247

Our Home looked Like this. 

February 2009 150

Who knew only 5 long, grueling, miserable, hot, painful, and torturous months later I would SOOO thankful It’s done!

Awwwwe, love those long strolls down memory lane!


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  1. Oh D, so much has happened in such a short year! So glad you guys are getting all settled into your new home!


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