Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Open House

Autumn was so proud to show off her classroom and work.  She’s loves school so much and her teacher went on about how sweet she was and is always so positive and happy.  This is so good to hear and it’s what I have heard from every teacher she has ever had.  I hope it never changes and the little girls will follow in her footstep.

 001 002 003 004

I love that her school does so many projects!  This is her classes mini garden.


This is one of the many science labs.  The Science teacher is so passionate about the school, the community and of course Science.

 006 007 008

Her Jump-rope-for-heart poster that she thinks may have won first, second, or third place with! 

 010 011

I love getting to see where Autumn goes and what she does all day.  She was she was very excited to show it all off too!



  1. Good job on your projects Autumn! It looks like you have worked hard on all of them. I bet your teacher is SOOOOOO thankful to have a good girl like you in her class. I know that good ones like you don't come around very often! Keep up the good attitude and learn as much as you can! I love you, Miranda

  2. So proud of Autumn D! Just goes to show what wonderful parents You and Josh are, great job guys, and keep up the fantastic work with those amazing girls!

  3. Great job Autumn! I'm proud of you. Keep up that great work. A love for learning will take you far in life! I love you! & your sisters! Granddaddy.


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