Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I’m so thankful that today ended better than it was going.  It started out so crazy.  1st question.  Does this stuff happen to anyone but me and I love Lucy? 

 001 003

I took this picture…. heard something spill at the breakfast table… come back to find this 3 times bigger.  It was over the washer lid.  What a mess that was to clean.


Then Miss Aubrey decided she wanted to be difficult today.  She’s got a little cough and congestion and maybe she does not feel well, but she tried my patience today.  I had to do some computer work and she viewed that as a destruction opportunity.  I could tell everywhere she was today!  I thought the washer suds were a mess to clean!


Then to the vet.  Had to take Calamity for her 2nd round of puppy shots.  Quick there Quick back.  Not so much!

Good news, Calamity is healthy and blah blah but as we left I realized the chicken I had pulled out of the oven to let cool never got put into the refrigerator.   oH mY!  Should I play Russian Roulette and see if it was out too long or just go get new chicken?  So with Calamity in tow, we ran to Brookshire's to get more chicken. (So much for trying to time save by pre cooking.)  About 3/4 the way home from the store Annsley realized she had left her blanket in one of those tiny baskets.  tUrN aRoUnD!  Get the blanket, get about 3/4 the way home and Calamity then had enough!  She threw up ALL over Annsley and Annsley car seat.   And I thought Aubrey was a mess to clean up!


Thankfully it was dinner time and that meant Miranda, Rhett, Granny and Pawpaw!  I needed some help on my computer installing some website things so I bribed Pawpaw with food!  (Thanks for dealing with me and my slow internet!)  We also used this time as Aubrey’s tea party she has wanted so desperately to have!  She’s into the tea parties and uses every excuse she can find to have one!  (thank you Dad for playing along with Aubrey and letting your birthday party turn into a tea party last Saturday.  She really enjoyed that.)


So tonight was the tea party with Granny….  Granny went to the $ store and found the most amazing panda plates and party decor!  Aubrey picked everyone of my flowers from the only patch of the yard that is in full bloom.  O well.  Hopefully more will grow back soon.



Pulled chicken sandwiches and cupcakes from Brookshire's because I knew I should not be baking after that day!

009 012

The party turned into a make-up party shortly after the tea ran out!
017 018    024 025

Pawpaw entertained the kids while the other girls got faces painted!

022 023026

As of tonight Aubrey's rebellious streak is still in full swing.  While cleaning her room just before bed, I asked if she would put her panda’s away.  She looked at me with the most sweet and innocent face and said in her sweet calm voice…..






I could have thrown everyone of those panda’s out the window or pulled all their heads off butm instead I remained calm and controlled and simply picked them up and put them in my room.  Tomorrow they will go in the attic along with the rest of her panda’s and until she chooses how and then earns them back, that is where they will stay.  I have a feeling she will be a bit better tomorrow!  Love her!




  1. Oh me, Oh my, you poor poor baby!!! I can't even find words to comfort you, LOL! I though my day was tough.....I think you win this contest. I really REALLY hope that your tomorrow will be better than your today!

  2. Wow. Sounds like you are describing a week, not a day!


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