Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Taylor Swift,

         Thank you so very much for your concert last night.  To see my girls see it was amazing and to say the concert was amazing would be a huge understatement.  They were so excited in the weeks leading up to this and then the car ride there was so happy!  They laughed and smiled all the way singing “It’s finally Taylor Swift Day”!

002 003

(Please forgive Autumn’s lack of enthusiasm look she has.  It’s not a lack of excitement but a detest for the camera pointed at her)

You see, my girls are some of your biggest fans.  They watch your interviews and the specials about you and your show.  They listen to your cd’s every day and have your posters in their rooms.  I think a safe guess is to say I've been to about 400 of your concerts.  You were only really at one of those but they were all just as entertaining as the one last night.  Your real concert was defiantly a little bigger.

We asked to go into the lower level to show the girls and the girls were just amazed.  Then we turned around to show them where we would sit and boy if that wasn’t a bubble buster.  I of course got pictures of the girls seeing the stage. 


(For some reason they wanted me to get into the picture too?)006007

The we HAD to get a few of the t-shirts.  We waited about 20 min in line for these and talked with some of your other biggest fans.  We noticed something about your fans!  They LOVE boots and skirts/dresses.  There were so many cute girls dressed up and it made me sad about my decision to not make the girls their own “I love Taylor Swift” shirts……  We talked about doing this but then we decided to get shirts there and wear them during the concert.  We know from your interviews how much you like seeing these homemade shirts so the next concert we will be sport our own ‘I Love Taylor’ shirts!


(Yes, that is Annsley laying her head on the table sucking her thumb with her eye’s closed.  Apparently excitement is tiring.)

010Notice the yellow bands around the girls.  We were a little nervous about going to the ‘big’ city with lots of people so we put our info on these bands and told them what to do if we got separated.  Bet you could not guess anyone coming to see the concert would be nervous about it.  After all you are the one performing in from of 1000’s of people.

Then it was time to find our seats



This would be our view for the evening.  Well until girls a few rows up decided the would stand and hold their posters.  Thankfully the people directly behind them stopped that pretty quickly… 

023 015019

With the lights out:


And when you go to something like this the girls think you HAVE to have popcorn and hotdogs.  Check out the size of that dog…..  We split it 3 ways with the girls and they ate that entire thing of popcorn.  Not sure where they put it after the dinner we stopped and ate on the way.

(Look at Autumn’s face.  I laugh!  She was seeing the program for the first time!!!  She must have looked at that book 20 times before the concert.)


The girls waiting:

 032 033 034

Playing with the glow sticks: 038024

Then Gloriana Starts


Then Kellie Pickler

055 057 059She did a great job.  I love that I could see her shoes from where I was sitting.  Sparkly little suckers!

Then it was your turn and that place got insanely loud!  There was no doubt who the people came to see!  WOW!

 073 074

We were watching for the 13 on your hand.  Although not clear, glad I got a picture:075 077 078 079 080

Annsley on my lap

086 087

Aubrey singing every word

088 090

The girls liked seeing you in the crowd and it was so cool that you took the time to hug the fans!  Sweet of you, I thought.  Also, what a cool little rotating stage you have!


I’m sure that was a magical time for those fans down there although this was my real view:


Oh, and the lights:  SO AMAZING!  They really make the concert look so cool!  And the guys that run the lights:  So brave and amazing too.  Not sure how many feet they were in the air, but if I had a job offer that would require me to ware any sort of rope and harness, I would have to say nooooooo!062 Then you were so sweet when you acted amazed at the crowd for cheering for you.  Like you don’t know that these some odd 30 thousand people are completely in love you you and think you are the greatest….  Now, mind it was a 15 minute, mind numbing loud, elaborate standing ovation, but it was so sweet of you to thank everyone for that memory they just gave you!  Do you say that to all the concerts or just ours?  I love the look of surprise on your face:

098 103 104 105 106 107 108 110 

Love Story:

 121 122

Something about seeing your child see something like that is magical.  To see Aubrey singing every word at the TOP of her lungs, Autumn sitting there fascinated and glued to the amount of people and size of the stadium and to watch Annsley relentless waiving at you until she thought she saw you wave back.  Have I said how amazing it was yet?  Amazing!

052064049 050   056  072

The two little girls did fall asleep and Autumn was tired and worried about being tired at school, so we left after ‘love story’.  I was so bummed but can’t argue with Autumn.

I really wanted to see ‘Shoulda Said NO’.  Maybe next time.

The girls slept all the way home, talked about the concert all morning and are taking a nap now.  All that screaming, yelling, clapping and singing wore them out!!  It was the greatest concert and the best time!  Thank you Taylor!



  1. I'm sad we couldn't all go together. : ( Maybe next time. I'm sure with this many girly girls...we will be attending many more of these craazy things!

  2. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! (((Josh looks SO enthused, lol)))! Anywho, I'm so happy for the girls, that they got to go and experience that.....and wow on Autumn wanting to leave because she was worried about being tired at school.....WOW!!!


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