Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is it Monday yet?

Most people have these nice relaxing weekends where they do a few things, go a few places or just putz around the house.  I tend to dread weekends.  It’s when I have to work.  Lots of work not just a few things here and there.  I wake up and the day immediately starts.  That’s just annoying!

This weekend we did so much.  Saturday I had 2 sets of pictures and I only normally do one a weekend so I was tired and sore when I got home. (I’m all over the place when I take pictures and really just too old for that.)  Thinking I was coming home to dinner and bed, I find the girls were invited along with their cousins to Papa’s house.  That only means one thing.  Skip dinner, straight to sleep!  But Joshua wanted dinner.  So we went to town and had some delish Mexican and then to Target for curtain shopping.  Why are curtains so difficult???  We have the blinding sun coming in our living room in the a.m. so bright we can’t go in there.  It also shines into the kitchen and across the kitchen table so I have to sit all 3 girls on the same side so they don’t have to get their eyeballs burned while they eat.  I Need Curtains!  We found some that will work.  Not quite what I wanted so I still may take them back but for now….As they sit in the target sack they came in, they are still okay.

Sunday starts the same way.  We went into town again for some things and for lunch.  This time we came home with this:


 016 018   026

HIS name is Abbie Cadaby.  Did I spell any of that name right?  The other BOY bunny is Abigail Rylie Leslie.  Manley I think…  Poor Abigail Rylie Leslie has been alone for a few months now since Brownie passed away.  So he’s glad to have a new friend tonight!  Sure hope Abbie Cadaby is durable……

While Joshua and I worked on a few million things the girls rode bikes.  My kids are not the normal kids that ride bikes. (Well, my kids are just not normal in general but they are certainly not bicyclists)  They very rarely ride bikes.  Autumn is 8 and still rides with training wheels.   CPS:  is that un-parent like?

So she decided on her own to try it out.  She did not want the training wheels all the way off, just maybe “turned up”.    That is what her daddy did..  Check out my un-athletic baby in action

002 001  003

Annsley watching in amazement

009 011

Proud sister running behind

013 015 

and inevitably this:

 055  059

Now Aubrey…  I could have an entire blog devoted to Aubrey. 

 033 035029   028 

Love her…..


I think this is appropriate for biking.  Don’t you?


She’s gatta try everything that sister does and she has a lot more brave bones in her body to make matters worse.  She decided she wanted her “stabilizers” off and when Daddy said “not today”, she viewed that as ‘you go ahead by yourself’. 


She did.. (Annsley helped)


and inevitably this:

045 047

See that shiner?

Hayness accident involving the handle bars.  Looks worse now…  I’m starting my “dearest CPS, let me explain” letter after I blog.



I’m excited all the changes going on at my house that got started this weekend though.  Here is a few things we did I was a part of:

Barn:  Well, this one not so much.. but I did help with the floor plan and have listened intently to these plans for months so technically I did have something to do with it.

 060 066 

My Goodwill Light fixture.  I bought the light and the paint…  That was a lot of work you know.

068 069

We did a few others but they are not quite good enough for pics yet.  Hopefully by this summer I will be finished with the house.  (for now)

Thank God tomorrow is Monday….


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