Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Day 1

Know why we have Spring Break?     To remind us to make the most of what is left of the school year. I kinda backed myself into spring cleaning today.  Thank goodness the girls were here to help with that.


Crickets Chirping…..


With all the things we got done yesterday, I woke up this morning thinking I should excited to do just a little bit more.

Big Mistake






I tried to do some decorating but just tried pulling my hair out instead.  When that got old, I loaded the girls and we went to wal-mart and the park.  Since we were in town, I called a friend to come with us.

Kate and the girls:


And very busy Eli


I was so busy Gabbing I did not take anymore pictures than that but it was so fun.  They followed us back to our house.  (Thanks for coming all the way out by the way)  We visited some more while the kids played.  I predict an early bed time…..

After they left it was time for me to get back at it.  I have some junk that needs to be sorted (imagine that) and some good stuff that needs to get out of storage and into the house finally.  I tried to do a little of this tonight but realized (again) this is spring break and the girls are SO very willing to help.  Let’s move inside to the laundry room.  This is the catch all for coats, backpacks, tools, shoes, toys and anything else you don’t want to put away.  So I cleaned until I could see floor.  Then I started sorting,  I don’t think I need 3/4 of the stuff in there.

Lots of black bags of trash flew out of my house and over the fence tonight!  Oh how that makes my skin crawl to think I may need some of that one day but oh how good it feels to know I’m FREE.  to do what I want any ol time

I certainly did not set out to have this as my spring break plan but I will go ahead and go with it while I have the momentum, good weather and My Health….  I plan on some slave labor followed by some good ol’ fashion spring break fun too tomorrow! 


Aubrey’s ear was hurting before bed and around my house that is a big deal.  8 1/2 years and 3 kids has only brought one case of ear trouble.  That was Aubrey then too and that particular event was a busted ear drum.  I gave her ear drops and an ear RX so we will se what tomorrow brings.


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