Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Day 2

This day may have really sucked for the girls!  I cleaned out, all day.  Every year I realize once I start how great it feels to launch a trash bag out the door full of the stuff I could not live without the previous year!


My laundry room was perfectly clean yesterday but today I purged, culled, simplified, made easier and blessed my home!  The Less I Have The More It Stays Clean!  Whew Who.  Then, I emptied out my pantry, moved a cabinet in and moved everything back in!  Now I have room for all the dishes that are awaiting their turn to move in!

This was my cleaning basket and took a quick snapshot of my self:

 image image 

When Joshua got home he hung a light for me that has been waiting to be hung since before we moved in, I got my Christmas tubs put away finally and the doors on Autumn’s built in’s put on!  Oh how checking things off my list makes me happy!

This is closer to what actually was:




Now that it’s all written it just does not sound as hard as I worked.  Oh Well!  It took all day and I will do some last minute touch up’s on a few things in the morning.  Good thing about having a T-tiny house with no closets means very easy to clean and organize!  I should be all finished spring cleaning by the time tomorrow is over!

The poor girls played outside some and there was plenty of play-doh and color book time too.  I plan on more fun tomorrow but have no idea what exactly it is yet.  I promise to have pictures and a more intriguing post tomorrow!  PrOmIsE!


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  1. Uummmmmmm......oh wow. You look a little different in that self portrait you posted? The last time I saw you you were a little slimmer...picked up a few pounds have ya? LOL!
    Just kidding girly, you are too funny!


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