Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break Day 3

This one was more about the girls then me.  As it has to should be.  I finished up my spring cleaning and was able to enjoy the house all clean and organized.

But first on the list was the girls.  They have been wanting haircuts for a while and Joshua said to me last night they needed a haircut so when he notices you know it’s really bad.  So Annsley went first.  Her request:  Short like mine.  (When I fix her hair she has always asked me to fix it like mine..  Awwwe She loves me!!)

 002 003 005 006


Then Autumn:  Her request…  Daddy’s favorite haircut on her…  (She is such a Daddy’s girl)

 011 014 019 021

Last but not least..  Aubrey’s turn.  Her request:  Short like mine…  I love these kids!  Even the Daddy’s girl!

 022 024 026 030

I cute it once and she told me it was way too long, so I took another 2 inches off.  She is so proud!

031 033 034 035

I really hate cutting hair but love making my girls happy plus I have no idea how much $$ I saved but I’m sure it was a lot.  For those that have not known me long, I have a cosmetology license and do (mostly) know what I am doing!040

Then I took them out to lunch and let them help me pick out some Milk and Dr Pepper at the store.  I’m a cool Mom like that.


Got some quality time with them that was so great!  I’m ready for summer!


Love those baby girls!

Now my clean and very organized home pics:  I had to take pictures so in ond week I can look back at what was!

My Pantry.  I Moved a shelf thing in to store some dishes I’m about to get out of storage and sorted all my food.  Who buys some of the stuff that ends up on my shelves?  Some of it was total crap!!!  But it’s all sorted like I like it now.  Until I go to the store next.

 043 041   

The laundry room.  My favorite room in the house.  This room holds a lot of crap including all my craft and sewing stuff (which I sorted though and organized) and all of our coats, tools, work stuff, shoes, and of course laundry.  The cabinet doors did not get put on but I’m sure If I hold my breath, they will.  I’m sure when I’m passed out cold Joshua will put them on for me!!!

 055  057056

I don’t have the kind of lifestyle that allows me to always match socks that are in every load, so I save them in this:  ours on top and girls on bottom.  Once a week I match.


The hamper at the back hold odd stuff that needs to be washed.  Once a week I wash the odd stuff. 

Notice the iron hanging on the wall.  Note the lack of ironing board.  I have lived in this house for 6 months and have never needed it.  Ahhh Living the dream!!  I use the round iron (dryer)


The doors waiting to be put on!


How many coats does a family of 5 need?  I’m afeared we have too many.


Christmas stuff..


Loven a change jar on the dryer!  The lamp is very beneficial too!

066 067

The bird house Autumn made me


The cutest part of the laundry room:

My Giraffe print bag from the grocery store of course.  My vacuum had to be in the pic.  I saved way to long for it not to get it’s moment in the spotlight!


Now it’s time for the things no one else would ever show you but, it’s me so I will.  This was after the beautiful pictures!

The cat doing what it does best:


The pile of waiting to be cleaned laundry that appeared shortly after it was so perfectly cleaned.


The cats thingy so they will not scratch my new furniture.


The fact that I keep the cats food on the counter so the dogs wont get it.


The fact that I used the left over carpet and carpeted the laundry room (myself).  I love how it turned out don’t you??????

077 080

The pile of too small clothes that I cleaned out of the girls rooms

081 082

The light fixture (or lack there of) and the dirt on the trim by the door. 

083 085

So, other than all that….. it’s perfect!

I also have been trying to create a perfect little spot for calenders and chore charts.  This will do for now but I have huge plans for this….


I finally got my Goodwill light fixture hung.


Watched Aubrey play for a bit



Then decided to run to the store to get some more laundry soap.  Has anyone else noticed how much the price of laundry soap has gone up?


Maybe just me?
















097  095

Public Statement:

DeAnna will not be taking any questions from the public at this time.  She says she is okay and safe.  Her husband has not killed her yet and is making a call to the insurance guy in the morning.  However she has informed us that her birthday is coming up and she would so love a new back right light and side panel in kaki/gold!  She is also accepting donations in order to stay married and keep her insurance as well!  Thank you for your concern! 

Apparently the tree came out of nowhere!



  1. Dang trees...I'm sorry about the mishap.

    Your laundry rooms looks good and so do all the new haircuts. How hard to cut that pretty long hair : (

  2. Hey lady, I can't believe you cut all their pretty long hair off, BUT it will grow back and they LOVE it!!! Camille would let me cut hers that short, but unfortunately for her, she has very curly hair and it will just spring up above her ears!

    The house looks good, keep it going lady! I'm so sorry to see the accident you had at the store! Please tell the girls that I love their hair and they are so ready for summer time:) Love yall!!!

  3. DeAnna, your life.........well, it can only be yours, LOL!

    Anywho, the girls hair looks great. The laundry room.....well let's just say I'm jealous!

    I am sooo lovin' that new light know how much I love bargain finds, and it is gorgeous!

    Sorry again about your car, but I wouldn't blame Josh if he told you to get your busted car and get out, hahahahahahaha! JK!

    Anywho, things are coming together, and looking great! Can't wait til it's done!!!


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