Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break Day 4

This day was a lot more fun then the past 3!  The girls and I headed out to my sisters!  I had pictures in that town so my girls got to stay with her.  They thought it was GREAT fun!  They had a blast and because I was not there and taking pictures, I have no pictures to show them having fun….  Sister do you?

I did take this picture while I was gone:


Oh he was so sweet and SO tiny!  Kinda want one!  After I got back to Miranda's we got to visit for a bit and then back home for Dinner with my Aunt, Grandma and Cousin.  It’s been so long since I have seen them so I’m really glad they came.  I snapped a really quick and not so great pic


Aubrey at dinner (Thanks Gran and Lar for bringing dinner to the dinner party that I hosted!  Not a bad plan on my part.  Even though I do not eat beef the roast looked and smelled amazing and the veggies were top notch! Keep up the great work of providing my parties with food.  I’ll let you know when the next one is.)


Annsley flashing a grin to Pawpaw


We stole Ramey from Miranda’s house and brought her home to spend the night with Autumn so after company left we took them to eat Ice Cream

237 As if that was not enough entertainment, we took her with us to feed the goats.  (Poor girl will never want to come back.  I can’t imagine how anyone would think this would be fun)

 242 253 245

Everybody (but me of course) is sound asleep in bed.  I’ll be up working on pictures until I can no longer see.  Hopefully tomorrow will be cram packed, stuffed to the brim full of whoopee fun!  Maybe I can talk the girls into filling picture orders and editing pictures?  No? 



  1. I did get one picture of Aubrey...little GT thinker...she took a toy fish and laid it on a frisbee. She pretended to chow down on her fish as if it were a gourmet meal being served on a platter. Very creative. I'll send you the picture. It's cute.

  2. D, you and your family.......y'all are SOOO funny!! Gotta love that smile that Annsley's flashing Papaw! A good day all in all, eh??? LOL!

    BTW, love the baby rolls in the first shot!


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