Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Canning Pickles

I don’t normally buy toys for my kids.  Actually; unless it’s a gift giving holiday or their birthday, they do not get toys.  It’s my rule!  I like my rule, but today I made an exception.

Aubrey was very tired this morning and cried all the way to school.  I already had my mind made up that she would come home with me but I had to go to the school first to drop some food off for the teachers.  While there, I stopped into Aubrey’s classroom and her teacher, her sweet and so caring teacher got on the floor and held Aubrey.  She made her feel safe and comfortable and I love how she always says that both her and Aubrey need each others hugs!  It made Aubrey feel so much better.  She ended up staying and was just fine.  Even enjoyed the day.

Because Aubrey went to school and did so well (I checked in on her a few times) I stopped at the $ store and got her a few color books.  I also got some for the other girls to keep it even. 

The girls acted like it was Christmas.  They asked what the present was for and why they were getting something.  They immediately started coloring pictures when we got home and now I have a ton of pics on my fridge.

Tonight I made the most delish dinner and walnut and choc chip cookies.  The girls got their bellies full and then went to bed.  Early and Happy!  Can’t beat that!

No pictures unfortunately but I would have given anything to have a picture of my family walking off tonight.  They were walking to the barn, Aubrey in front, then Annsley, Autumn, Joshua and Traveler by their side.  I love watching them together and the dog is like the frosting and the cherry on the cake!  Love Doggies that follow my girls!

Until Next time, Go can some Pickles!

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