Monday, April 19, 2010

How to tame a dragon.

(I’m getting bored with regular titles so onto better and more cleaver titles for my posts.  Don’t be alarmed, I do not have a pet dragon.)



Can’t find a pound that has them.



I found the little girls cuddled up on the couch this morning.  The cool spring weather is too much for little girls in jammies. 


Annsley and I went on a walk, or more like a tour.  She lead me around and showed me where everything is and told me what everything did.  Like I don’t live here too.  She’s turning into a full fledged big girl!


I fixed the girls lunch in bowls today (not sure why, guess I wanted extra dishes to wash) and it made them so happy.  They were talking to each other when I set it all out and when they turned around to see they both got great big smiles on their face. 

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE those bowls...just tooooo cute! I am amazed everytime I see Annsley, she is growing so much everyday.


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