Friday, April 16, 2010

different pictures is all

I have noticed something a bit disturbing and highly alarming.  Our daily lives that I document here are the exact same every day; day in and day out; day after day after day.  Although sometimes the pictures change and the mishaps seam a little different and to new extremes but mostly it’s the same.  I could take each post, replace a few pictures and stamp the new date on it and say that’s our day.  I talked with Joshua about this and (I more then him) feel we need to add some excitement.  What that excitement will be is still in the arguing research phase but I will be accepting any ideas and will let you know what I decide we decide and let you know.  Summer break is only 32 school days away after all!

Here’s the same thing we did last night, the night before, the night before that and the weeks and months before that:

Trusty Traveler002 Aubrey “twirl’n”

003 Annsley taking some to-go dinner with her….


Not sure if I remembered to post our new family members:  3 ducks.  We also have a new rabbit…  Joshua found a rabbit in need and brought it home…

 007 008 

(If your keeping count that’s

  • 3 kids
  • 3 cats
  • 3 dogs
  • 3 bunnies
  • 3 ducks
  • about to be countless goats
  • I have no idea how many cows we have
  • 1 horse

…too many)


Tomas got out and helped himself to the feed

022 023

Hate when shavings get into a girls boots


Annsley with her ‘feed truck’ feeding hay to the goats


This is why goats are so much better than any other farm animal….  My Annsley got in with this one and was talking to it and loving on it.  It was so sweet!  Then she caught me watching and had to make a few faces!

039 043 046

Autumn just worken away.. See her over there?


Tomas was in the mood to play so he was dancing and running with the girls.  Oh goats have the best personalities!


Aubrey chillen out of the back of her Daddy’s truck talking to him.


Autumn’s faces crack me up.  She so serious most of the time and then she does this….


Heading back to the house.  Why walk when you can ride on Daddy’s tool box.  About halfway home they all feel into the bed of the truck,  They laughed so hard!  Wished I’d have got a picture of that!


Then home for peach cobbler and bed


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