Friday, April 16, 2010

Changing the Norm

How exciting for us.  We did something out of the norm!  Yeah!  Don’t get to used to it though.  I’d hate for my kids to get used to doing fun stuff!

First another usual for us (Well, more Autumn then us.  Pretty sure I have never been any sort of an award recipient)  These sisters are so lucky to have each other and it’s amazing how proud of their older sister they are! 002

Bored until they found a friend!

 008 010 021

Two awards.  Must have been a slow six weeks!

015  026

After we picked Autumn up from school I took them for happy hour at sonic and then to the park.  Poor girls just could not get enough!  They were like ants of a picnic, just all over the place!

036 041 048 054 057 060 064 070 071 074 075 076 077 079 080 081 085 088086 097   093 094089 096  103 104 106 107

And for the best and mostest excitingest time of the day.  (or what the girls have been looking forward to for a week now)

The Baseball Game!

124 128

And because everything we do revolves around food, the girls got nachos..

125 127 

National anthem (if you do not put your hand on your heart when someone is singing that song, you should be slapped and deported or beheaded.)

135 136

More nachos

142 143

And pretty sure I have pictures of this kid next week.  The girls will be very excited if it is.  I will have to get his autograph!  He pitched a great game.  And when we left in the bottom of the second our team was winning 4-0!  Girls were not into the cold wind and needed even more food.  So we got us some Mexican!  Go figure!



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