Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another crazy busy weekend full of the mishaps and adventures that create this memorable and never dull life.

Saturday morning my Dad and Sister came to the house to play with the girls.  The girls had a great time and I’m hoping my Sister got some pictures put on her blog.  I had to leave to take pictures so the girls stayed with them and I think played Wii 100 times.  Wished I’d gotten more time but think they had more fun without me.

That night Joshua and I went on a date.  An anniversary date.  A bit late but no worries!  We had a fabulous time and I learned a lot about him that I surprisingly did not already know.  One example is that he can talk just like the movie phone guy.  Never know if that could come in handy someday.  We also discussed that we seam to only talk about future goals and our kids and when I asked what we used to talk about Joshua simply said..  Future goals and kids.  We got dessert ‘to go’ and went to visit Joshua’s Granddad that is really showing improvement and ready to go home.  We came home to spend an evening on the couch eating our desserts. 

This morning started slow going with good breakfast then lunch with Granny and Larry.  Then a country side tour.  We saw so many great places and some amazing parts of this world and we drove down such back roads to get there so we may never see again!  The kind of back woods that people don’t even have fences for their cows and horses much less dogs!

Then home to COW pictures for a certain someone whom I love (I am NO animal photographer)  Dinner was homemade salsa and sandwiches.  I LOVED!  Evening spent on my bed with the girls watching the CMA while Joshua had to sit alone on the couch to watch some playoff game!  Awwwe, God knew to give me girls and country music fans!

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