Sunday, April 4, 2010

Same Dress, Different Day.. Easter Round 2

My sweet Easter girls!

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They seamed to have so much fun today.

I hope they did, but I know this weekend wore them out. 
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Coming from a few late nights this past week and the many, many, many eggs hunts in the front yard since Tuesday… 
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The lack of energy was evident by Sunday around 11:00. 
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Aubrey slept though Church and Annsley slept the way home and then again at Granny’s for about 2 1/2 hours.  Home and straight to bed.  Dragging this morning so early to bed tonight.  Sad we use the weekdays to catch up from the weekend!
Hope y’all had a wonderful Easter!  Glad to see most of you!

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  1. Well, it just so happens that those coots go perfect with those ADORABLE dresses!! I LOVE polka dots... and the colors and design are just perfection!!!

    HAppy Easter!


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