Monday, April 5, 2010

Flowers, Naps and Movies

Cranky, groggy, sleepy and irritated we all woke up and got where we needed to go this morning.  After we got back home the little girls and I did some planting.  Aubrey found some cucumber plants she HAD to have and I found a tomato plant so the cucumbers would not be lonely.

182 178 179

I also got some flowers.  Ranunculus!  Kinda like a peonies but called ranunculus! 


I had to do a lot of dirt work because wear I wanted the flowers to go holds water now thanks to my new sidewalk.  Muddy but someone had to do it! 

175 I never got a picture of everything finished because I had mud up to my elbows and some in my eyes????

And because I had so so much help!


When all was done and all was home from school, naps were had.  Lots of long needed naps.  Love my girls but it’s crazy how I love them more after naps!  All of them napped, and now all are sleeping again!  Yeah!

And next year…

New Rules.

No candy for the girls for Easter.

Unless it’s dove or dark chocolate.  Or better yet, both!

I don’t even know what to do with all the candy the girls got!


By the way.. I’m so going to see the new movie Date Night!  It looks so funny and OMG the new Sex and the City 2!   EMILY!  You and ME all the way for that one!  OMGOMGOMGOMG!  I think the first one was the last movie I went to 2 years ago! 


I really gatta remember this is not a social networking site.  This is a blog for and about my kids!


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