Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Things I do!

Crazy busy running errands and believe it or not some of today's errands are blog worthy. 

1st.  Dropping off Autumn

Normally every Monday morning, Joshua gives Autumn a 10 dollar bill for lunch for the week.  On Monday, Autumn took her lunch so the money was not needed.  Today she did need her lunch money but because Autumn was asleep when Joshua left; no one was here to remind him.

He remembered this about the time he was passing Autumns school too late to turn around and come back home.

So when I’m leaving (after getting Autumn lunch $) I get a call telling me I would have to go on a hunt for Autumn’s lunch money.  Huh?  Apparently, Joshua had hidden the money beside a tree with one of his tools on top.  What?  It took a minute for me to realize he was serious but I went and found the money!

I still don’t know if this is funny yet……


2nd.  Getting a quote for my car.

Remember over spring break when I went to go get more laundry soap and the tree hit my car?  Well, today was the day I had the damaged assessed.



Wait for it



Wait for it



Wait for it





That is correct.  Three Thousand Dollars.  I said that like pretty woman; could you tell?

I knew it was bad just did not know how bad!  So as of tomorrow I’m without my car for the week.  Obviously I’m not that great of a driver and now I will be driving a big a$s truck.  OH God!  Look out!

And only newsworthy and proud for me, I finally got the dishes moved in tonight.  They have been waiting so patiently since I moved them onto the porch a week ago today.  I got so tired of seeing those darn boxes on the porch and now all those beautiful dishes are sitting comfortably in my cupboards! halleluiah!


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