Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Got Nothing

Nothing to report.  I have spent two days on the couch with a sinus thing that kinda reminds me of the dog ‘Snots’ off of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  While I was laid up the girls have taken care of the house.  OH My it’s not good.

So while I’m on the road to recovery…. Aka Sleeping on and off all day and night, I’d like to mention Joshua’s Grandpa Bob.  He had surgery Tuesday and is having a harder and longer time recovering then the doctors had expected.  Please pray for him.  He’s a pretty important guy to my husband!

I think I’m getting better so hopefully by this weekend I will totally better.  Especially because I saw quite a few yard sale signs up tonight!  (Not sure why I have been so sick this year.)

Hopefully pictures of an amazing day on tomorrows post!  Until then, I’ll leave you with some pictures I took of the girls last summer!  I’m officially ready for this summer and my girls being home all the time!  I WILL have a different opinion by July I’m sure!

June 2009 3


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  1. I knew something was wrong with you. I haven't talked to you all week. I hope you are feeling better soon. When are the garage sales and where?


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