Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I’d Guess Valedictorian

My sweet Aubrey graduated from Preschool last week.  I wont get started on the fact that it was on a Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.  I wont get started on the fact that I restrained from telling everyone involved how absurd that time was and I certainly wont get started on the many ideas and ways we could have done this so friends, family and grandparents could all have been there.

What I will say is that my sweet preschooler is going to be a big kindergartner next year!  Oh how Kindergarten in a great grade and I love having a kindergartner just learning new things everyday!

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Singing their songs:084 094

While the principle was talking, Aubrey was the only one standing.  She was so excited to graduate…  I just wanted to hug her!


Sorry, it’s a tad blurry.  It was a little dark in there and she was RUNNING to her teacher to get her diploma!  Again she was so excited to graduate!


The kids sat with their parents after their turn, so this is her watching her friends.  She wanted to miss nothing!


Ms. Lori.  How we love Ms. Lori.  I cannot say enough about Ms. Lori.  She is the most patient, kind and sincere lady.  My entire family feels blessed to know her and we feel amazingly lucky to have gotten her as Aubrey’s teacher. 


Skipping across the street to the reception.

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Aubrey’s friends….  This is just a few in her class but does not come close to all the girls she loves.  She has so many sweet friends…. I’m so glad they will most likely grow up together!

142 135  134 145

And apparently graduation is such a special occasion, she had to pull out the good shoes!


Love her!

Congratulations Aubrey sweetie! 


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  1. SO excited for Aubrey! CONGRATULATIONS Aubrey, can't wait 2 c what you do in Kindergarten!!!!!


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