Monday, May 24, 2010

Bye Bye Pre-School!!

Off to Kindergarten my baby goes.  A few days before school was out was the field trip the the new school of which Aubrey will be attending.  She was very excited about the trip and also about the walk there!  (Thank goodness downtown in this town is small.)

Here she is holding up her class so she could smile at me!  (Wonder if I will still be this cool next year)


Giving the principle “5”.  He counts to 4 with his hands up and then they all say ‘5’ and then listen!  It’s really cute and effective.


Watching the current Kindergartners go by.


There is a courtyard in the middle of the school that several turtles call home!  This excited Aubrey….


The cafeteria was the best part!  The art teacher has a mural painted all the way around.


Computer lab!


Gym…  Also cool with the murals all over.


Taking ”5”.


The 2010-2011 Kindergartners!


So now Aubrey knows what her school looks like and where everything is.  She even got to go in a few classrooms.  We saw the teacher that (I think) I will be requesting for her and walked though everything she will do.   I’m wondering what it’s going to be like to have to get her up and dressed EVERY morning.  She will not be pleased about that!

We have also signed her up for Cheerleading for the kindergarten football team.  I’m excited for this next season of her life!  Full of firsts I’m sure!



  1. hey deanna :) hwo is it goin :) sorry that i can't go everyday to see ur website cuz i'm studying during a month for my finals !!! and it's not easy!! anyway, i would love to see some pictures of aubrey's cheerlading suit next year !! i'm sure she will love it !! (it's like american movie ofr us! :) )

    hope everything goes well for u with all the animals u've got :)
    hope to see you soon :) (on skype ?)

  2. OMGoodness D, could you PLEASE ask your girls to stop growing up??? LOL!

    So proud of Aubrey, she looked so happy! Can't wait to watch her grow as a Kindergartener next year!


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