Monday, May 31, 2010

Schools Out for SUMMER!

I’m am so sorry that I have deserted you…  It’s been a few weeks since I have posted enough to keep the Grandparents happy. 


I have tried to sneak a few posts in to let you know I’m alive.  But, I admit defeat!  I cannot (in these conditions) do anything except what HAS to be done…  015

I can barley get done what HAS to be done.  This month has had so much going on but now the girls are finished with school…  I’m finished with some crazy pictures… and we are finished with something on the calendar every day followed by getting into bed late every night.039

I’m hoping summer comes with more time in the day to play and more time in the night to catch more sleep!        

So far, we are just hanging out,


Getting caught up on sleep,


Feeding and tend’en to the animals,


getting things done that need to be done,


doing things we want to do,

  096 097

Cooking our favorites,

  099 101

making faces,


and napping…


So, hopefully summer will be great…  It’s good so far, the two little girls slept in until 9:00 this morning and I foresee a nap this afternoon.


I have several posts that need to go up included a few more end of the school year activities and Joshua’s birthday. 

I have so much planned for this summer I hope I can fit it all in and then get it all blogged, so I’m taking today to start some of those! Bye!


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