Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fabulous Field Day

Time to finally talk about another one of the thousand end of the year activities for the girls.  Autumn’s Field Day!

It was perfect…  Overcast, gray day with a chance of RAIN makes for perfect field day weather.  Autumn had a blast much to my dismay.  I tend to choose an indoor sedentary lifestyle involving little to no physical activity but my kids seam to really like the kinds of activates where they can exert energy…..

I working on myself…

Look how much fun she was having…

  004  002

This was her partner for this event..  Obviously not impressed with my camera in her face.  Her Problem not mine!


This was a sport even I could excel in.  Carrying Ping Pong Balls on a Frisbee without dropping????  Autumn (Of course) did well.


Have no idea what this game is or what the point was, but it looked fun…  At this particular moment I was hearing another Mom’s life story.. And then when people figure out what I do, I end up answers questions and forget about my kid for half an hour or so….

027 028

Flag football or something…  This was by far the one where most kids had the most fun.  Autumn was very good at this one (of course.)

031037038039030 032  

Just when things get going good, it starts to rain. 

The kids were getting food from the concession stand when it starts pouring so most ended up with wet soggy hot dogs or nachos.  The Principle realized this once back at the school and had the concession stand come to the school.  My baby got to eat dry food!  Spectacular! 

I did not get pictures.

So, the next day was the rest of the Field Day.  A walk~A~thon.  Autumn helped raise almost $100 dollars!  (If you sponsored her, pay-up!)


I’m just glad Field day was cool enough to enjoy! I found some old pictures of Autumn on a couple of her old field and splash days…


     Splash Day

   May 2007 143 May 2007 147 

      Field Day

May 2007 165


    A Combined splash and field day…

May 2008 602


(snooze fest so I’ll leave those un-entertaining pictures out.) But here she is in April 2009 getting her ears pierced.  Awwwe


She’s growing up, that girl! 


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