Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Goat is Shorting Out!

Some may think we are weird, some may Know we are weird, and some my not know or think but, were not.

We just have one little weird thing.

A Goat…

That lives in our home.

The home where we are growing babies and turning them into people and where we eat, sleep, work, play and live everyday.

The same home that is less than 30 yards away from a barn.  A barn that was built by my husbands bare hands, blood and my tears.  A barn that was for built for GOATS.

Yet, this one goat, specialer than the others… Lives in our home.  And drinks from a bottle.  And sleeps on our couch.  And plays with my kids.  And runs up and down the stairs.  And follows me all over.  And you get the picture.

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It’s like we have a dog but better than almost any puppy or dog we have ever had.  It does not chew the legs on our furniture, it does not bark all night, it does not bite or jump up on my kids…  It’s the best thing ever. EVER And we are in LOVE.  Madly in love with this goat.  It’s amazing how much she loves us too!  Even more amazing is how Joshua and turned me into a full fledged Goat Lady!


And then today…  Our sweet girl.  Cupid the goat.  Got sick.  She had seizures.  Lots of violent seizures.  The girls and I had just sat down for a snack when Cupid started shaking, then spinning, and then stiffening up and falling over.  It was horrifying.  I have never seen anything like it.  Within 20 seconds me, Cupid and the girls were in the car.  Cupid was crying/screaming.  We have a vet right up the street but it’s not our vet.  Our fabulous, can fix anything, vet is 20 minutes away.  By the time we had made it to the end of our driveway, she was at least taking breaks from shaking.  Autumn was holding her.  Trying to anyway.  But by the time we made it further down the road, I realized she could make it to our vet.  A very long drive had relaxed her.  She was calm again by the time we walked though the door.  Again our vets came though and treated her like a prize winning show dog instead of a house living farm animal!  She’s all better but very tired/exhausted/worn smooth out from the twenty five minutes of violent shaking.


She has slept most the the afternoon and evening and has been treated like Royalty.  Joshua all but ran to Cupid to hold, love and check on her when he finally walked in. 

That big softy!

He loves her too and has done his fair share of goat pampering this evening.


So, if anyone has a problem with the fact that I have a goat in MY house… 

Aww Who cares. 


I love my Goat and Proud of it!

To make the day even better, I got bit by my “killer” puppies.  (Lots and Lots of Blood type bite.)   The kind of bite where you can’t use your hand the same for the rest of the day.  I was breaking up a fight.  Next time, I’ll just let them kill each other, those two.

And in the almost 15 years that I have been driving, I claimed my first casualty.  I KILLED something today. I have never killed anything more than a bug and sometimes feel guilty about that….

An innocent, just trying to feed it’s family, probably a Mom with starving babies Squirrel.  It had done nothing wrong and WHAM, out of no where…  I smush it’s brains out.  To make it worse, it ran off.  I wished it would have just died instantly but I guess I have the hope that it just limped away.  I hit it though.  Hard.  No time to swerve.

I getting depressed just writing this.  And think.  I lived all this today!  Add in the fact that I was up before 7 am for no good reason and it could be a book.  I should just give up in general.

Until Tomorrow anyway.

Good night.  Wish me sweet dreams.  And if your an animal or love an animal, stay far, Far FAR away from me!


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  1. Oh no, poor sweet cupid...I'm glad she's better now!!! It is never a dull day at your house! Hope your hand feels better soon!!!

    P.S. You know I totally want a house goat now, right?? LOL, sshhhhh!!!


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