Friday, June 11, 2010

Because I’m not too Old to learn something!

I have already learned a few things this summer….


  The girls are catching up on their sleep like bears hibernating in the winter.  They have slept in, taken naps and gone to bed early almost every day! 

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  This has shocked me but we have all needed some down time…. I love having time to waste.  It’s the best!  To put your hair up and throw on comfy clothes and know that’s how you will spend your entire day is a magical feeling.  Please take caution if you show up un-announced.  You’ve been warned.


   I have learned the 4 of us girls now eat 2 boxes of macaroni.  Because I am so weird, I can only tolerate the spiral Mac~n~Cheese (of the box variety anyway) and I also have learned that the Wal-Mart store brand tastes so much better than the other brands and is half the price.


  I have learned, Aubrey has a new favorite show…


Billy the Exterminator.  She loves it.  She is learning all sort of bug terminology plus she really thinks Billy is COOL!

I have learned everything there is to know about Billy.  Nice guy.  Wished my 5 year old was not already obsessed with a guy.  I guess it’s better than on of those teeny bop singers though!Network: A&E Network 
Program: The Exterminators 
Caption: Billy Bretherton, Vexcon exterminator, holds up a baby alligator in the swamps of Louisiana before releasing it back into the wild, and far away from his clients’ homes in A&E’s “The Exterminators.”  
Credit: Scott Gries

She loves it.  You will find her glued to the show when it’s on or watching recorded episodes all day!  She’s too funny when were out and she says something about going to look for ‘venomous animals we need to stay away from’.


    I have already made SEVERAL desserts and we are only in our 3rd week of summer break.  My family and I may or may not be seen this fall due to the fact we may not be able to get out of the door.


I did learn Joshua’s new favorite.  Does not look so great, but my family does not give it time to cool before dumping it onto a plate.


     I also learned that if the brown sugar from the pineapple upside down cake drips on the counter, don’t wait until you have finished your piece to clean it up!

    I learned that Aubrey and Annsley love playing on the computer and Aubrey, surprisingly is a great teacher.  She’s extremely patient.

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    I can already tell this is going to be a fabulous summer.  I may be excited about school come fall, but as for now….  I so want my babies home forever. 

We have a crammed packed summer to look forward to and I’m sure it will just fly by.  Until then, I will be liven it up indoors. ( If that’s at all possible!)



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