Monday, May 3, 2010

Petting Zoo is now Open

My days are filled with  several different things.  Everyday and normal things that I sometimes don’t realize are crazy, odd and maybe a tad un-conventional.  Not to mention insane, ludicrous, controversial, bizarre, atypical, out of the ordinary, weird or my personal favorite….  Whimsical. 

Here are just a few from today.

First off, my cat sleeps like a bat.  He likes to hang his head.  He tried to hang more but he kept falling in the floor.  (Is it me or did all that rhyme?)

 001 003

I also have a Kid that lives in my house and likes her bottles.  Every 3 hours.  Without fail! 

006 009 011

Her view changes every once in a while.  A new face to feed her.  She’s not picky as long as her bottle is warm.  And full.  Notice how Aubrey feeds without missing her movie? Or her nap?


And when I spill left over rice, I get help to clean.  However at this time she’s not folding laundry.  I’m working on her though.


And when I’m cleaning up after dinner, I notice something under my island in the kitchen.  What could that be?



Ooops.  I was caught.  See that blurry tail wagging?  She must think she’s a dog!


And every once in a while we make the news.  Well maybe not like real reporter or paper news.  Or maybe no one knows, but my Joshua sold a cow tonight.  (Not the first and hopefully not the last.) But it was a good cow.  Actually it technically was a steer but to me they are all cows.  The people loved the cow.  Will show the cow.  Hopefully will win scholarships from showing this cow.  We are one cow down from living the dream.  Now we sell 1000 more and we’ll be on our way!  Whew who!


Good Job Joshua!


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  1. Ok, seriously I want your "goat-baby", and of course when she gets bigger I'll send her back to you.....or take her to my family's farm in the country, lol!

    You guys are insanely insane (in a good way of course)!


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