Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Not a lot of unusual (or unusual to us anyway) happened today and nothing really was picture upload worthy except for one thing.  Almost as if we are required to have something tragic everyday.  Autumn found a baby chick.  She came running home from the barn telling us to NOT go over there.  After quite a bit of persuading, I finally got out of her why…  The baby chick she had found was dead in the water trough.  Oh how this alarmed her.  I fished it out and Papa buried it.  At the very same time, we also had goats breaking out of their pins and baby goats going everywhere.  Because things don’t happen one at a time around here.  I also got a call tonight wanting to know if we wanted pigs.  Uhh.  Hellow.  Do you know us?  Do you know how many animals we have?  Do you know how crazy our life is?  Yes, How many you got?  Now, all I have to do is talk Joshua into letting me have 2 of 5.  Oh how that would make my pork dreams come true!  If I get my way, I’ll have pig pictures on here soon.  For now, all I have is a picture of Cupid playing on her homemade playground.  She loves the silky lining of Aubrey’s coat and to climb.  These tubs equal hours of enjoyment for Cupid and anyone watching!


Peace, Love and Pigs to you!


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  1. You know D, my grammy has some pigs that everyone in our family (all 10 of her kids, & 27+ grandkids) would LOVE 4 you to have, hahaha! Hope your pork dreams come true, lol!


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