Wednesday, May 5, 2010

livin la vida loca

This fabulous Cinco~De~Mayo day was the day we brought home our newest pets.  Aubrey felt lead to name the girl Lucky because we are lucky to have her and the boy Hunter because he will hunt the chickens and scare them away.  Appropriate. 

 002 004 005

We picked them up while Autumn was at school so she was so excited when she saw them.  Wished I’d had gotten that picture….

050 054 055 067

We let them play in the house for a bit but they will reside in the barn from now on.  Hopefully grow up with the goats and keep them from getting eaten by anything…  Judging by their dad, the boy should be bigger than our biggest goat and the girl will be about the same size as the goats.

070 071

Cupid is just SO glad to have someone to play with!





  1. How cute are they!!! I want one of everything!

  2. They are SOOOOO STINKIN PRECIOUS!!! I can't wait to come out to see them before they get BIG!!!! You are nuts lady, but the girls are so blessed to have a laid back mama like you when it comes to having animals! God bless you lady! Love ya!

  3. I LOVE the last picture where both puppies are looking at Cupid and saying "Oooooh, he's gonna get in trouble and I'm glad its not us":)hehe They are PRECIOUS!


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