Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gone in 90 Seconds

Got to do a bit of catch up.  I’m tired so I’m ganna write this in 90 seconds or less.  Hold on Here goes!

Dinner Friday night with Olivia (Annsley’s bestest friend) and her parents.  Fun!


Spent some uno on uno time with Autumn.  She specifically requested the picture of the two of us…..  Sorry you have to see me, but this is my blog and I can post what I want..

 002 005

Of course Autumn got a new outfit and shoes while we were out….. And chillen with Cupid in the car.

006 010

Then time for Ramey and Rhetts 7th and 2nd birthday party!


uhhhhh all I have to say is Aubrey probably will have to have some training before following in my footsteps.  This is what she came up with!  It’s a lot better than my first shots though!

026 028 031 032 035 037

And here is all I could get of the birthday boy.  He was a bit busy!  Ramey was never close enough.

040 044 046

Lastly, Id like to send a shout out to my two readers whom I just found out about tonight…  Sup Belinda and Lacy!  Glad we share some relatives!  Y’all are the best and always crack me up.  Your welcome at my house anytime to witness the craziness for yourselves! (and see my goat)


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  1. Autumn looks so much like you that it's scary, lol! you both are very beautiful!

    I know how you feel...I should have been in bed at least 4 hrs ago' Night-Night!


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