Friday, May 14, 2010

Whatz up?

A lot happens here.  All the time.  For the last few weeks, we have had at least one major thing a day on our calendar.


Like this particular day we had a vet visit.  As with the ‘normal’ around here it was anything but.

Most people take a dog or cat or two…We Take a dog, a goat and ducks. 

Just a normal trip to the vet.

To get a dog, ducks and a goat loaded in the car, I had to get creative. (Take a minute to imagine this)

I gave Cupid a bottle….   put the ducks in a box….   and got Calamity Jane a tennis ball.  Worked like a charm.  They all happily loaded.

(I’ve had to get a little creative when Cupid needs a bottle and I’m a little busy!  Hey it works.  Great idea if I ever have another baby!)


Autumn really wanted to go to the vet with me, so I took her out of school for a little bit.  I made Joshua take off and meet me there because I was a little worried about ducks being eaten.

003 005 013 016

Ducks in the box


When I feed Cupid, Calamity is right there to lick any drips she may have!


So this was just 2 hours out of our lives and we have had so many excitinger things happen. I just like to show how we can complicate even the normal things in life!

The 3 girls end of the year activates are plentiful and time consuming but all so much fun!  I have so many plans for some really great posts about all that, just not enough minutes in the day.  (Unless I quite sleeping.)  So, soon!  Promise!


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  1. You are hilariously funny, and that's all I'm gonna say! LOL! EXCEPT this one last thing.....EXCITINGER????? Really D, really? Hahahahahahaha!!!


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