Monday, July 19, 2010

Reasons phones should have age limits

I got a new phone for Mothers day.  (More like Joshua slammed my phone off the floor and said were getting you a new phone…get in the car.)  Me and my old timey devices are abused here.

Anyway.  I ended up being talked into the most cliché new fad techy phone.  Turns out I love it!  I have tones of games/movies for the girls and it can keep them busy at appointments, in the car or even in the comfort of our own home where there is at least 1 million dollars worth of toys.

But… They learned how to use the camera.  On any given day, I end up with at least 30-50 new pictures on my phone.  I would like to share a few.  Most of these I don’t know where, when or who took them but they deserve for you to see them.

171  074 029 036 038 042 044  058 068 072 086 099 112 142 113

Here is a few I took that I am proud of

047  006   137

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  1. Hahaha, that is just too funny...those girls of yours are such characters! Gotta love em'!

    P.S. Someone sure does like their hands, lol, I suspect it's Autumn...but I could be wrong!


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