Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What do you do when all three of your girls are sick?  Take them ALL in to the pediatrician…  They were sick on and off for a few day all with similar but different symptoms but when I noticed Annsley was covered in small red spots and the other girls started getting them, they had to go…


They didn’t act sick, look sick or feel sick but diagnoses was:  Strep Throat.  What do you do with sick, contagious and hungry girls….  Ask for a corner table at the restaurant of their choice.

134 136

Glad to report..  All are healthy and well now.  Very much dislike when my girls are sick but I love all the times they need me to hold them. 


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  1. O.......M........G......DeAnna, I just went to the Dr and turns out I have the same exact thing. Strep with NO symptoms. The Dr was so amazed, and a bit puzzled, LOVE IT!

    Glad the girls are all well!!


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