Friday, August 20, 2010

Traveler Trav

As the newest member of our family, I feel Traveler needs a Formal Introduction.  (Is it ‘needs a or needs an formal intro?)  Anyway he needs one.


  We got news that the original owners of Traveler came by to see him and are proud he has some kids to follow around.  Apparently they are an older couple that lead a pretty uneventful/normal life and feel Traveler will have more fun here and maybe even have better care than they can provide.


They like his new name and feel it fits him although he has not left our yard in over 6 months. 


Since hearing the news about him being for sure ours, he has spent a lot more time in the house and even has started sleeping some inside….  He recently was kicked out though, because he barks at the window when he hears anything outside.206

The girls have been calling him Traveler Trav and he seams to like it.  He’s pretty protective of them and I love that if they are outside, he is right beside them or super close and watching.


He even gets along with Holly!  (We just can’t leave him alone with ducks……)  Have I mentioned we no longer have ducks?


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