Friday, August 13, 2010

Animal Update:

Most importantly Cupid.  She is now out of the house.  Sad but true.  The instincts started kicking in and she started grazing on our carpet.  My beloved carpet.  So she was acclimated slowly day by day to the barn.  An hour here, three hours there and finally all day, then another and then the night.  It was tough on us all and so sad to hear her cry when we left but now she’s very happy and all over the place.  She, by far is still our smallest goat but has by far the biggest personality.  (And biggest belly.)  She still loves to be held and comes when called.  I think she will always be a part of the family!!

We have her over occasionally..  When I say have her over, I mean she breaks though 3 fences to get to our house!  God love her!  So we invite her in for some breakfast and carpet and have her wake up Aubrey…. You may note that she now is the proud owner of an ear tag.  I could not be there that day (for obvious reasons) and Joshua told me it hurt his heart a little to do that…  Thank Goodness for Papa.  He held Cupid while she got her ear pierced.


Just ‘Chill’n’ in the front seat of my car…  Look at the belly on that girl!  Like her Momma!



Next on the list is the cows.


You will notice there is no picture.  That is because they are gone.  G.O.N.E.  Sad a little and happy a lot.  No more Cows!  We are officially Goat only farmers.  Home Growing Goats!  I love that we can concentrate on what we have really worked so hard for!  (And spent most our $$$ on)

Ms. Paris.  She’s back home.  I’m glad too a little becuase she is sweeter than ever.  Maybe the cows were her problem too!  She seams to like the goats but we keep the seperated anyway.  I love that when I go in the back yard or roll the windows down in my car, she’s right there to say Hi!  Sweet girl.  I may learn to ride her one day.  Never been big on riding horses.  Maybe one day…. Maybe…  She’s tall and all I can think about is what a long way to fall…  I WILL break something too.  I’d put $$ on it.

164 165 167


You know those sweet, little, cotton ball, fluffy puppies we got?  Now they are big, mean beasts that lay around and sleep unless a person or animal comes near.  Then they get all mean and want to eat me or anything.  I took this picture of them sleeping from upstairs.  They look huge even from 2 story's up.


I’m glad to say all other of our animals are doing well.  The many many many other animals we have.


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