Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End of Summer is a Confusing Time…

I have no AAA pictures so those that come for a show will have to come again another day….  I wanted to get the word out though that I’m close to being ready for school to start.  The girls are starting to get board having done most of everything already and I’m tired of running them here and there and everywhere.  I a little tired too of the little to no routine we have and how that affects the girls moods!  Whow!

Yesterday was an all day trip involving several errands and several stores.  Every store you go into has some sort of school supplies.  Ever noticed that?  Even Walgreens and CVS…  Who goes there with school supply shopping in mind?  We found the girls dream backpacks early in the summer but have yet to start school supply and clothes shopping.  I prefer waiting to closer the the last minutes so it’s like an adventure trying to piece together an entire list.  Clothing shopping with a goal in mind is also mind numbing to me.  Hate it.  I’m a tee-shirt and jeans kinda gal with little to NO fashion sense.  I prefer the girls be the same but they like looking all in style and what not.  Geeze!

So I now have my 3 supply lists ready.  I have held down the girls and figured out the best sizes to buy them.  I have my coupons and discount cards ready and we I will be venturing out soon to get everything and hopefully all in one day.  I tried school supply shopping with the girls last year and ended up with a lot of extras.  Lordy!

I like this picture:


But thinking it will be more like this:



Now I’m also a little sad to know this is our last few weeks of summer.  I love summer.  I don’t love building fences and working animals in this weather but I love everything else.  I like that we have tea and lemonade/Kool-Aid and popsicles in our house everyday and that at any given moment I will see a girl streak past me in a swimsuit and make a bee line for the sprinkler.  I love waking up at anytime and not necessarily having anything to do.  We have yet to have a ‘lazy’ day of summer but it has been nice having the kids with me all the time.  (Also another reason for me to be about ready for school to start.)  Humm?

I’ll be ready for school by the end of this month but will be so sad.  I will act excited and happy but completely be a wreak.  My oldest baby did fine last year at her first full-time school and it was me the teachers had to be firm with and wrestle out of the building.  This year my middle baby starts.  How can I give perfect strangers my kids for the day?  It will all be worth it as it has shown me every year so far.  That first day car ride home when they look a year older then when I dropped them off and them telling me about how cool it is, all their new friends names, their “huge” classrooms and fabulous fun they had.  I love how that’s all they will talk about until bed time when they will be too excited to go back in the morning they can’t go to sleep that night.  Crap!

Those girls are growing up!  Crap!

Time for more!

Then those will go to school too wont they?




  1. i'be missed ur posting so much ! it's so great you are back :)

  2. You poor thing, you just can't win for losing, huh? It'll be alright.....eventually! : )


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